In the beginning

February 23, 2006

mobility |mobilite| – the ability to move or be moved freely and easily

ubiquity |yoobikwete| – present, appearing, or found everywhere

freak-a-zoid |justlikeit’sspelled| – 1983 dance hit by R&B group Midnight Star

I started this blog nearly 6 months ago from a Nokia 770 using a bluetooth DUN connection (T-Mobile EDGE) to the internet via my phone at the time: the Nokia N70. Both of these devices had the ability “to be moved freely and easily” and it’s a good thing as I was sitting at a Starbucks in the Phoenix airport (ironically one that was not a Hotspot). Of course wifi connections are at least as ubiquitous as Starbucks shops and Hampton hotels and cellular broadband has literally made it possible to remain on the grid from almost anywhere. Slowly but surely, all living generations are now joining the connected digital age. Whether it’s grandma surfing online to find information to help her somehow interpret the new prescription drug benefit, or her teenage granddaughter sending cryptic and profane rapid fire text messages to her friends, or her father using a Blackberry to respond to work related email (while he pretends to work from the golf course), it seems there are no limits to the ways we can conveniently communicate, and therefore no escape from the expectation that we should. For now I can honestly say I enjoy the convenience more than I despise the expectation, and I didn’t expect to feel that way when the first encroachments of mobile technology made their way into my daily routines. I even feel compelled to share my experience of this convenience, and thus, another obscure, probably narcissistic, tech related blog is born!