Just Answer Soon Jim Andrew Morrison

August 17, 2006

The title is the unrequited answer to the question: Where is the Imate branded version of the HTC Hermes?  There are now at least some pictures of the Russian JASJAM, but it’s surprising this device isn’t already available everywhere.  Imate is usually the first rebrander of HTC devices to get their version to market, and one has to wonder if Imate CEO Jim Morrison didn’t anger someone at HTC such that they’ve been frozen out of the European and US markets for the release of the Hermes?  In fact one wonders if somehow this potential conflict might have lead to the HTC decision to brand and market their own devices once and for all?

HTC’s “TyTN” branded version of the Hermes 200 is certainly attractive, but I think the aforementioned Imate version (black Hermes 100) is the most attractive I’ve seen thus far.  It looks identical to the Orange SPV M3100, minus the gawdy square “Orange” branding sticker on the top of the device face. However, the red accented Vodafone gunmetal gray version of the Hermes 200 is pretty sexy, and the T-Mobile UK version of the Hermes 100, with pink accents and a modified d-pad can’t be dismissed either. (all of these devices can be seen at coolsmartphone.com)

Regardless of my preference for the JASJAM, if it isn’t available soon, I won’t be able to resist the TyTN much longer, and I’m guessing that was what HTC intended to have happen……Maybe we’ll learn more from the next Mobility Today Podcast


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