jk ditches w for xv

September 2, 2006

So my favorite blogger James Kendrick, has made the switch from a Treo 700w to the Verizon version of the HTC Apache. My kidding of him about neophilia surely playing a role aside, the needs of his job and the growing inability of the w to meet those needs, actually forced him into this decision. The main shortcoming of jk’s w apparently was it’s inability to properly interrupt data sessions to allow important phone calls to come through. Anyone who has ever used a Windows Mobile phone for any extended period of time will identify with jk’s pain on this front. His lingering and strong suspicion was that the paltry program memory on the w was the cause of it’s inability to manage these hand offs properly. Of course, I’m pondering a true neophilia induced purchase of the wx when Sprint “releases the hounds” (tomorrow?), but I’m fairly concerned there might be more to the problem than jk’s theory? See my wife’s 700p intermittently has basic phone issues such as spontaneous rebooting when attempting to make a call and flaky reception not in line with what the bars of service displaying would portend. What if hardware wise nothing has actually changed between w, p, and wx and Shadowmite is correct such that some engineering trickery has caused the appearance of more program memory, when in fact, it is only being borrowed from total memory in a way it wasn’t when w & p were designed?


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