Order Received Shipped

September 6, 2006

So, I placed my order for “the one” last night at 9:36pm. As a part of that order I received free overnight shipping as well as a free 1GB SD card for being a loyal Palm customer (I already own the 700p). Having previously purchased a t/x for my brother from the Palm site I was aware of their free overnight shipping offer and that prompted me to buy from them as opposed to buying from the Sprint website which is charging $12 for shipping. Taking advantage of the memory card benefit merely required me to remove the battery from the p (it needed a soft reset anyway) and retrieve the serial number. I discovered the 1GB memory card deal as a result of being signed up for the Palm newsletter and I launched my purchase from that email and finished the transaction in maybe 2 minutes (if that). There was a very Zen-like quality too the whole process and quite frankly all purchasing experiences online should be made so easy.
Imminently pleased already, I really didn’t expect the order to process quickly enough that I would actually receive the device today. However, consistent communication from Palm about the progress of my order has been reaching my inbox all day and my persistence at checking the order status on the Palm site revealed this cause for giddiness as I ponder shutting things down here at the office and making a speed limit violation riddled commute home.

Update: Okay, I misinterpreted the Palm Customer Care/Order Status site lingo. Instead of going the final step forward, (I was convinced my wife, oblivious to my restrained glee, was holding out on me when I came through the door expecting my new toy to be present) my order went a step backwards. It stated earlier today (7:54a) that the order had been shipped when in fact I guess it hadn’t. Clearly it went back to the “Order Received” status and now this is what I see when I continually ping the page for an update….at least it’s a step back in the right direction!

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