She’s here!

September 12, 2006

My destiny with the Treo 700wx has finally come to it’s fruition. I received the unit Thursday evening and have plenty of unboxing pR0n to share. In 4 days of use what are my initial impressions? In specific order of pertinence they are:

1. As a phone it is very similar to the PalmOS Treo experience and probably better given the Today screen applet Palm devised. It is simply amazing the way Palm tweaked Windows Mobile to capture the “Zen of the Palm” experience. It is like no other WM device I have ever used.

1a. The phone signal is poor in my location, or at least that’s the story the signal strength indicator is telling. I made and received only a few calls from my house over the weekend, so no way to really make a good judgement yet, but all 3 calls sounded clear and progressed flawlessly.

1b. The data speed, however, might be the better indicator of signal strength. I’ve only gotten as high as 268 kbps at my house with literally no bars of service (actually impressive in a way). My wife’s 700p by comparison typically has a few bars but the PalmOS displays up to 6 bars whereas WM I think only goes to 4 (or 5? But I don’t think I’ve ever had 5 bars on a WM device though even if possible). At work with 2-3 bars of service I’ve gotten as high as 460 kbps….not as good as the 6700.

3. The snappiness of WM on the Treo as already widely reported on the 700w the past several months is likely even better on the wx. Add to that the amazing memory management and the extra 32 MGs of RAM (which are seemingly always available no matter how many programs I have open). 61 MGs of Storage upon first boot of the device too! Not since the Blue Angel has memory been so plentiful on a WM device. There is not a device on the market now that compares.

4. The most annoying thing so far is the lack of D pad functionality in Pocket Outlook (the most important application in the OS). You can’t go up one line in an email your composing! You either have to scroll right to left with the D pad until you get to the spot you need to correct or you have to pull out the stylus. Also, pulling out the stylus is still required to look at a different folder within poutlook. Surely Palm could have tweaked this too but I wonder if Microsoft kept this code close to the vest?

5. Bluetooth audio gateway opening such that listening to podcasts through a bluetooth headset is made possible, apparently is not possible on the 700wx. I’ve attempted using BlueCast (which worked on the Wizard/8125), BT Audio Toggle (which worked on the Apache/6700) and both of these devices had the HTC developed “Voice Speed Dial” program. The supposedly much superior Microsoft Voice Command software is present on the 700wx, but I guess it works differently such that this hack isn’t as easily accomplished. Palm used a company call BSQUARE, to quickly develop the kind of audio management in the WM environment they would need prior to the launch of the 700w on Verizon, and I guess this works quite differently on the Treo than it does on other HTC devices. BSQUARE was by the way suggested to the Palm folks by Microsoft….the last people Palm should have been asking for a Bluetooth implementation recommendation. If only they had gone with the Widcomm BT stack but I’m sure I must be simplifying the complexity of the task. As sour consolation, Softick Audio Gateway which makes Stereo (or Mono I assume) Audio through bluetooth possible on the Treo 650, is not yet supported on the Treo 700p either.

6. The form factor/”caressability” of the Treo is everything I expected it to be. It is somehow both geeky and sexy at the same time.

7. The lack of embedded Wifi is only an issue because of the aforementioned signal strength issue, although I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss it, and I’d also be lying if I told you I hadn’t picked up my 6700 frequently whilst at home in close proximity to my beloved Belkin router. It’s funny how a device looks more attractive the closer you get to parting with it, and that will be the case whatever I decide…….stay tuned!

She awaits my taking her over the threshold

Anticipation is building
Free storage space gets me excited

Can’t wait to take her remaining clothes off
Get your boot on

Ahh, Today is the day

Money Shot


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