She’s Really Responsive!

September 12, 2006

I can’t get over how snappy the Palm folks have made the Windows Mobile experience. If any of you used a JASJAR with the initial ROM you can fully appreciate my amazement with the 700wx. To be fair even on the 6700 things had really progressed nicely since the early devices with WM5. Multitasking ( I would argue beng one of the key reasons for Palm to devise a WM device in the first place) is ridiculously possible on the wx. Of course this was notoriously not the case on the w. It was as if they wanted to completely mimic the PalmOS experience on WM.
Anyway, the one thing I’m a little disappointed with so far is the typing experience. I guess I didn’t realize how freely I was typing on the spacious Apache keyboard on a regular basis. It’s not like I didn’t experiment with my wife’s 700p regularly before I pulled the credit card trigger last week, but nothing can replace real live experience when a colleague is looking for an immediate answer from you, and you while waiting for your ginormous sandwich at Jason’s Deli (remind me to mention a side story about my trip to the T-Mobile store after ginormous sandwich consumption was complete by the way) start banging away on a complicated answer made possible by your pushed knowledge of the question in the first place and the convienient proximity of that famous sexy thumboard begging for you to try her out. Typing for a long time on the Treo thumbboard though is taxing and as I mentioned in my previous post, editing mistakes requires the stylus. Maybe I’m overeacting based on too little experience with it, but time will tell….


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