Katana purchase leads to Konfusion

September 27, 2006

I mentioned in my previous post that I spent some impromptu time with the 700p. That came about when upon purchase of the Sanyo MotoRAZR knockoff (my wife is home most of the time and got flaky reception on the 700p, thus the need for experiment and expenditure) I called Sprint customer service to get my wife’s number transferred from the PalmOS Treo to the new “Ultraslim Mobile Phone” (actual cheesy inscription on the front of an otherwise quite sexy handset).

Except that poor “Stephanie” mistakenly assumed I wanted to transfer the number from the WM Treo and did so before I could stop her. Of course, I was calling from the 700wx so that meant I had to hang up and call back from the 700p (because its number wasn’t being transferred I guess?). To Stephanie’s credit she was profusely apologetic and then “Tiffany” was also nice to work with until the flaky 700p lost its signal at pecisely the moment after I had recited its ESN. Fearing that Tiffany had already disconnected my wife’s number from the 700p’s ESN, I hurriedly called Sprint customer service a 3rd time expecting the worst, but indeed I got through and this time “George” patiently listened to my saga, and then confidently went about fixing the mess. On a whim I asked him to switch my number (now on the Katana) to the 700p instead of the wx and thus 4 days of trials and tribulations ensued until finally I broke down and called Sprint CS a 4th time (surely they hate me by now and by the time I call to switch again will certainly waive my early termination fee if only I will return to a GSM provider where clearly a cell phone junkie such as myself belongs) and had them switch my number back to the Treo 700wx….for now anyway.


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