still no A2dp, but p is on e

September 27, 2006

So, after much wrangling, registry experimentation, and even some impromptu time (a story that deserves a follow up post) spent with the 700p as my main phone, I’m back with the new 700wx. Despite the lack of a2dp, it is overall a fantastic device for these reasons: it is snappier than the 700p (which is no slouch itself); push email works flawlessly (but scheduled push on the 700p was fine too, however OTA task sync is something I truly missed while I used this phone); the build quality on the 700wx seems slightly better than the 700p to me but that could be purely subjective on my part. In fact here was my recent post in the Mobility Today 700wx forum:

“I have been switching back and forth between the two devices over the last 2 weeks and it isn’t an easy call. The 2 biggest reasons being that Blazer has caught up and surpassed PIE and the 320×320 screen resolution on the p is definitely noticed after tolerating 240×240 on the wx. Versamail also syncs gmail without wiping already downloaded mail (has anyone ever figured out why the heck WM5 does this with gmail?) That being said the wx is likely the most stable and responsive WM device in existence now. It is a rock solid experience compared to the crashability of the 700p, and the difference in the responsiveness of WM5 on this device say compared to the initial ROM on the JASJAR is freaking light years. In fact as snappy as the 700p is, the 700wx is I think snappier. One handed usage is almost equivalent on the two devices with one big exception being some of the remaining dpad barriers in poutlook. However, the biggest reasons that I will either be transferring my number back to the 700wx or returning to my trusty but ugly 6700 are these deal breakers: loading 3rd party apps on the 700p is hit or miss in terms of whether they will ultimately lead to a crash, but here’s the worst stability issue I’ve had on the p. I have downloaded the last 2 Mobility Today podcasts, and the most recent Engadget podcast, synced them to my device via my Mac Mini, and upon attempting to open the files crashed the 700p over and over again. That’s unfortunate and unacceptable and therefore, the Palm OS really is dead, for me anyway.”

My last statement sort of says it all. I even deleted all of the Palm apps I have because I simply will never need them again. I’m a Windows Mobile user, period (that is until the Nokia 95 becomes available!) The 700p is available on ebay by the way


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