$111 in Data Charges! Katana Konfusion Residue?

October 8, 2006

I opened my Sprint bill this afternoon and suffered what many a Sprint customer before me has experienced: completely unexpected sticker shock. After some cursing and righteous indignation, followed by vows to switch to another provider if they didn’t erase the unexpected charges (all posturing for my wife in case I do have justification for a switch and therefore legit phone shopping!), I fortunately had to charge the Treo 700wx (and the new Jabra JX10 – more on that later!) or else it wouldnt have made it through the looming long call to Sprint CS.

Having had some time to calm down I tried to think through what could have happened and in looking at the bill saw that I had $77 in data charges on my line (which alternately through Sept. was attached to the 6700, the 700wx, the 700p, and then back to the 700wx-I’m sick yes), and just $34 in data harges on my wife’s number (attached to just the 700p and the Katana). I purchased the Katana on Sept. 20th and this is the date of the infamous let’s play CDMA musical chairs Katana Konfusion affar. I figured I must have used some SERIOUS data on my phone over the last 10 days of Sept relative to the Katana (which I only mapped to mobile gmail?). Anyway, I had always wondered what I would wind up paying without flate rate data and I had a pretty shocking 10 day blind experimental result, or so I thought.

As it turned out I had no trouble getting the right person on the phone upon calling Sprint Customer Service, and “Brittany” had no issue understanding my dilemma and clarified things quickly for me. The data charges on my line started from Sept 7th, the day I receive and activated the 700wx! Why in the world the rep who helped me then canceled or at least didn’t prevent the canceling of my Sprint data plan is beyond me, but Brittany to her and Sprint’s credit wasted no time in crediting my account the full amount charged on both lines! In fact, instead of paying $111 in data charges for last month, I won’t pay any – not even the $30 I truly owed (111 is literally my lucky number and those who are close to me know the story which I won’t bore you with, but suffice it to day it lived up to it’s numerological legend again)

Finally a good Sprint Customer Service story to tell. (until they screw up my bill again next month and then I really will be phone shopping!)


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