Blog Wars

December 25, 2006

I have recently posted comments on 2 sites that I visit frequently about a war of words between James Kendrick of and David Ciccone of (now with a personal blog over James “awarding” the DualCor cPC his “Vaporware of the Year”designation. I appreciated Dave’s response to my post as he sounded at least somewhat apologetic, but I have to stand by my man Kendrick who is anything but apologetic in his latest and final response to Ciccone. The biggest reason I’m giving James the benefit of the doubt is the fact that I’ve always assumed Dave and Jack Cook (formerly of MobilityToday and now with MobilitySite which seems to mirror his posts on his own blog experiencemobility) had a falling out over Dave’s decision to go to work for DualCor (pure speculation on my part). I love Jack and I thought he, Dave and Steve Trotto were a terrific (another word Jack uses with I think endearing frequency) podcasting trio, primarily because they seemed to enjoy each other so much. I was really disappointed when Jack left because whatever the cause, I knew it was serious to have broken up such an obvious friendship. I really like Dave too and I was sure he was sticking to his guns on whatever their differences involved for a good reason, but I could’t help but think that he must have left Jack with no choice but to move on. The fact that Dave also threw some mud at jk’s fantastically talented and affable blogging partner Kevin Tofel put another check in Kendrick’s column (for those now sadly keeping score). There has been plenty of cross linking love between jkontherun and mobilitysite since Jack’s emergence there, and I thought he was was probably taking veiled and unecessary stabs at Dave, especially since Dave’s departure from his stint on James’s and Kevin’s MobileTechRoundup podcast back in June. Little did I know of the enmity between Jack and Steve you can find from the link to Steve’s blog above. Regardless of how this budding geek opera plays out, here are 5 great human beings who used to like and respect each other and who not long ago would have loved to have been in the same room together (and a year ago at CES I think were) who I now can’t imagine ever being in the same room together again……. Merry Christmas!


Blackjack is a WM workhorse

December 25, 2006

Okay, this is my 3rd attempt at blogging about my “beloved” Blackjack. On the first attempt the Windows Mobile device locked up on me I’m almost sure because of the blasted t9 functionality. Then on my second attempt at my first mobile post, I successfully got it to go through and then decided I wanted to edit the title of the post. Inexplicably WordPress wiped out the post when I updated the title? Or was it the limitations of posting from a WM device again? Anyway, though I am very pleased with the device overall, the point of this post is that the Blackjack as good as it is, is still a sometimes frustrating WM device……

Eventually I’ll post about how I wound up with the Blackjack (via the Nokia E62 and then Cingular 3125 after getting burned for the last time by Sprint forcing me to reluctantly sell my 700wx) in the first place and how I wound up on WordPress (via Blogger) today also (the blog import functionality is tryly impressive!)