Google + Samsung = iPhone not going to be myPhone

March 7, 2007

Rumors are swirling around the grid that Google is at work on their own touchscreen based mobile phone.  From the post by Simeon Simeonov I linked to above, things seem to be getting pretty imminent on the platform/software side, and if Samsung is indeed the hardware partner, whacchhout baby!  All that I ask is that 3G be a strong part of the equation (and there’s no reason to think Samsung can’t deliver on that front based on my experience with their BlackJack HSDPA capable Smartphone).  If this purported “Googsung” partnership can include that connectivity piece, cajole the wireless carriers to play along (one would think excluding Cingular/AT&T based on their servility to Jobs now) and then bring it to market prior to June when the iPhone is supposed to (and now better) launch it might put a serious dent in the expected sales of the new Apple baby.  Competition rocks for the consumer no! So, let the games begin!


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