Will Hugo Ortega become the next Microsoft evangelist?

March 10, 2007

Hugo is on his way to Redmond and I can’t help but wonder if with Gartenberg’s sudden arrival to and departure from filling Scoble’s shoes, someone at Microsoft isn’t kicking around the idea of gaging Hugo’s interest? Is there anyone more enthusiastic about the TabletPC or UMPC than he? I wouldn’t be blogging this from a Samsung Q1P were it not for him and I clearly own a Mac (and love much about it). If you want someone Redmond, who can combat the effectiveness of the Mac vs PC commercial campaign and win people over to the possibilities of Vista mobilized, Hugo is the One.

And yes I now own a UMPC and intend to write periodically about that experience. How do I like it so far? At least part of the Samsung fanboy question has been definitively answered! God they make great looking and performing electronics!


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