Ryan Block just doesn’t understand what Palm was thinking and I generally give Ryan an amen on most everything.  Mike Cane calls it “Flopeo”Crunchgear correctly posits “at least it’s not a table“.  Jason Dunn reminds us though that “there’s no laptop on the market with a 10″ screen and five hours of battery life that costs $499 USD”.  Many Brighthand bloggers took their guesses as to what the “Hawk” would be and my guess is Jeff Hawkins disappointed them all including Brighthand chief editor Ed Hardy who unfortunately predicted it to be nearly exactly what it is: a crippled laptop replacement. 

But let’s be rational about this.  Forget about form factor for a moment and consider what you could be getting: a Palm engineered Linux internet device with WiFi, Bluetooth (2.0 EDR?) that has special sauce sync software to emulate what’s on your smartphone ((which upon further consideration gives me the HotSync/ActiveSync heebie jeebies).  I posed this to my wife who used a Treo for a time and she immediately envisioned something more like this:

I replied “and so did a lot of other people sweetie” (and how cute is the new geek with the Jasjar?!).   Interestingly she also immediately asked “so there’s no phone in it?’

Jeff Hawkins clearly had his eyes closed much earlier than his interview with Uncle Walt would have indicated.  Too bad for us as Palm really could have lived up to their name and created a tremendous handheld, maybe priced higher than most people might be comfortable with but closer to what every geek was hoping for and they clearly chickened out…..