Ab$olutely Bluffant!

June 2, 2007

If you’re a real geek then you likely have already read the Google translation from French of  the Akihabaranews review of the Fujitsu “Storm Trooper” convertibleUMPC (translations of hard to translate phrases about things which you know quite well are tremendously entertaining no?).   When I saw the first released pictures of this device my impression was how ugly I thought the device was, especially relative to the devices in Fujitsu’s Lifebook line that precede it.but upon reading the quite positive review and particularly on the ergonomics of the device, I’ve reconsidered my position. Having used the P1510 for a month and fondled other Lifebooks at my local Microcenter, I’m well aware of the build quality Fujitsu’s laptops have.  And a tablet with a 5.6 inch touch screen and a small but usable keyboard might be perfect for my goldilocks mobile computing druthers, so much so that the styling of the device could therefore grow on me?  Having recently sold my Samsung Q1P (to purchase a 12.1 inch Toshiba M400 and then selling that to get a 13.3 inch Asus R1F), and a year prior spending an unfortunate week with the original UMPC, the eo 7110, I’m close to deciding that a 7 inch screen is just too “in between” ( I say close because I might pull the trigger on the Q1 Ultra).  In fact I think the 8.9 inch screen and small keyboard on the Fuji P1510 was also too in between for me.  But you know what 12.1, and definitely 13.3 feel too big from a tablet ergonomics perspective.  It’s surely nice to have that real estate both on the screen and the keyboard/trackpad, but it ain’t real easily manhandled.  In fact I decided today whilst reading about the HUGOMETER in slate mode on the R1F, that any convertible tablet over 4 pounds is going to feel heavy no matter how balanced the weighting. For a tablet to be comfortably used in slate mode weight/dimensions and/or the keyboard must be shed and at 1.28 pounds with a decent keyboard the once fugly “Storm Trooper” is now beginning to morph into a beautiful Siren in my head……..The link from the review to the online store offering it (Geekstuff4U.com) has a cold splash of water posted price of nearly 2k though.  So, I’ll clearly need more credit card pondering, device fantasizing, work up the courage to pull the trigger and put my current device on ebay time now won’t I……..?