Turner & Charter know drama?

October 6, 2007

Isn’t it interesting how the first three days of the MLB postseason
have showcased games with distinctly similar personalities on each
day?  Day one saw 3 dominant pitching performances in games that all
lasted mercifully under 3 hours.  Day two was comprised of three
blowouts that dragged on forever it seemed, with the first two games
bleeding into coverage of the games that followed.

Speaking of that bleed, TBS is using sister network TNT to cover
simultaneous action which is the only way I can watch the broadcasts
in HD, and of course as soon as the need for bleed coverage ends, TNT
returns to being the Law & Order channel.  Why no HD on TBS?  Only 6
days ago TBS  was being broadcast in HD via Charter in the ATL.
However, Turner Broadcasting has decided to maintain their local
signal, or the original WTBS, as “Peachtree TV”, and make TBS
nationally syndicated and no longer a concurrent local feed.  They are
to this point broadcasting none of the programming on this “new”
channel in HD. And yet Charter has inexplicably replaced what is now
the national version of TBS in their HD lineup with this non HD
Peachtree TV spin off.  What makes even less sense is their
broadcasting of a non HD version of TBS which thankfully has allowed
me to watch the games at least.  It is difficult to imagine this is
just incompetence on the part of either party, and smells much more
like a game of chicken while meanwhile their customers get ignored.

Anyway, enough of my ranting and back to baseball.  Yesterday’s
contests were garden variety October nailbiters, both ending in walk
off fashion. That the Red Sox won and the Yankees lost made it all the
more enjoyable.  It is surprising that all four NLDS series now sit at
2-0 because if ever there were a year where any of the 8 teams could
win, this is the one.

So what will today’s games bring?  Hopefully plenty of need for bleed!


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