Perfect Storm Forming

October 19, 2007

You didn’t really think South Florida was the 2nd best college football team in the country did you?  But if they weren’t who was/is?   The answer we don’t know now, and we won’t know it by the time the last BCS poll is published either.  Parity among the top 20 teams (and beyond with the App St./ Michigan and Stanford/USC upsets as exhibits A & B) in college football this year has never been so obvious and lead to such unpredictable results.  At this point no one can honestly say they have a clue who the top 10 teams in the final polls will be, much less the top 5, or the top 2!

So, again why must we argue over who is number 2, when a much better argument to have would be over who is number 7 or 8?  This way, we would be much less likely to exclude deserving teams from a shot at the national title.  What would it take to make this happen? Adding two very lucrative games to the current BCS bowl schedule, sandwiched between the the 4 traditional New Year’s Day games (or “around New Year’s Day” at least) and the national title game.

The final BCS poll would finalize college football’s Elite 8, and the 4 NYD bowls would suddenly have huge relevance every year in addition to then having the national title game every 4th year, just like it is now.  Except, 2 “Final Four” games would have to be played to determine the participants in the title game, and I say make them home field advantage games based on final BCS rankings.  In other words if you win in the BCS quarterfinal round and you’re ranked higher than the team you would be slotted to face in the semifinal round, you host it.  How freaking cool would this be if say a Michigan or a Florida hosted this kind of high stakes game.  I mean as great as the “around New Year’s” day quarterfinal round would be, this semifinal round would be as compelling as anything in sports…..ever!  And the end result is you almost can’t not wind up with the two best, or most deserving teams in the country playing for the trophy.

With another unpredictable Saturday of “upsets” bound to occur tomorrow, maybe I should pretend we’re already immersed in the playoffs I can now only dream of happening.  But the kind of storm it would take to make my dream a reality is taking shape, and it looks to get much stronger as it hovers and gains speed above a very warm gulf of convention……


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