After 150 days of the iPhone: what I still like

November 25, 2007

First and foremost: I still love the iPhone web browsing experience. I generally spend most of my time on the Google Reader, which was recently given  a more iPhone like interface (which I really like).  But, Safari mobile for all of Apple’s “real Internet” bravado essentially reverts to the same mobile version of Greader that any lesser browser would provide with 2 big differences, no 3 actually. First, the 320×480 screen renders the fonts exceptionally, making for a nicer reading experience (especially on the subscription list view). Second, scrolling and touching items of interest, marking items as read, and launching from links of non complete feed items is very efficiently done with the finger. Third, for those stories that require you go to the full blown website instead of the Googleized version, it’s pretty well documented how nicely Safari on the the iPhone handles that task, and with the aforementioned changes implemented by Google, the ability to just skip the Google “formatted for mobile phones” page and go straight to the source is a very nice option (as long as your connected to WiFi) I can truly attest to how won over to this style of web browsing I am by telling you I almost prefer it over the full Safari experience on my Macs. Of course, the supremely pleasing ergonomics of browsing with my fingers on the sleek surface of iPhone has a ton to do with that.  Also, the lack of flash support is much less of deal breaker than it might otherwise be in comparison to its grown up predecessor on the Mac, due to the inclusion of another Google (owned) app: You Tube.

You Tube over EDGE might drive you to the edge, but it’s passable. However, over YT over WiFi shines brilliantly and really utilizes the exceptional hardware in which it performs. I’m finding more and more videos via the web with links that when touched, launch the YT app on the iPhone.  If only searches on the YT iPhone app were sortable in some meaningful way……

Synchronization with Address Book, iCal, iPhoto and of course iTunes via iTunes works very, very reliably and is truly quite fast.  However, it hasn’t been perfect though I must that when it has had hiccups, it has been during my iPhone’s most hacked states.  And, speaking of hackability, for all the complaints of there being no ability to load 3rd party apps, we actually have the perfect ecosystem.  For those who are willing and capable, hacking the iPhone so as to load native applications is very possible and has for the most part been quite easy.  For those who don’t want to bother with it or don’t have a clue how, being forced to wait until next year to be able to legitimately do this is not something they likely even concern themeselves with, especially when new functionality slowly but surely gets rolled out by the other thing I love: updates easily rolled out by the OEM, not the cellphone carrier!

Of those updates and their small functionality adds, I love the double click on the home button feature that either allows you to pause the currently running song or podcast whilst it overlays the wallpaper lock screen, or go directly to your phone favorites.  I also love being able to browse the iTunes music store and purchase songs directly from the device, and I’ve done plenty of it.

Last but not least, I still love how this thing looks.  It is simply a gorgeously designed piece of electronics, and I seemingly never tire of looking at it, but I do find myself daydreaming about actual buttons these days……


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