Black or White is now black and white for me

July 20, 2008

There is an AT&T store in the same strip mall I get my hair cut.  So Thursday afternoon post buzz cut, I dropped in hoping ridiculously that a magical shipment of new iPhones might have immediately preceded my entrance.  Thus, I could do the deed and sneak out of there without sacrificing the remainder of my evening.  Alas, all they had were a few on display, and I finally held a black one in my hand (ah yeah).  In an instant, my discipline vanished.  

I had earlier checked iPhone 3G availability at my local Apple stores (ATL), and only one as of that morning still had any.  In fact they had all 3 models: 8G black, 16G black, and 16G white.    I knew 16G was a necessity, but white or black was the real question?  I own (or I should say my wife now owns) a white Macbook, so going in I’m not averse to the white, and due to the fingerprint/scratch factor being less a visible issue on the white in theory, I’m at this point actually leaning white.

I raced from the Cumberland Mall area of Atlanta to Lenox Mall in 15 minutes flat as miraculously traffic was breezy smack dab in the middle of rush hour.  I walked briskly to the Apple store stupidly not expecting to see a line, and when the harsh reality met my eyes, I humbly took my spot at the end of a 30 person iPhone lust train.   Almost immediately a friendly Apple employee warns me they can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get one based on the number of phones people in front of me activate.  I assure him I’m willing to take the risk, and begin what I hope to be the last session of email triage I ever perform on my AT&T Tilt.  Shortly thereafter the store manager informs us that only 16G whites are still to be had.  Relieved, I know that fate has made my choice for me….
90 minutes later I get my one on one purchasing experience (transaction ironically executed via Symbol PDA running WindowsCE), and in 5 more minutes I’m out the door with new white precious.  
In the 72 hours that have followed I’ve enjoyed the fantastic new form factor (plastic, tapered back feels like buttah), flawless OTA Exchange sync (though push sucks battery like a utility meant to suck battery), brilliant internet, better than average applications, decent call quality, less than decent battery life, and endless second guessing of my decision to go with white.  The contrast between the black front and the white back, especially relative to the perfect color symmetry of the black model, has gnawed at me mercilessly.
So, I broke down and called the Apple store I purchased from, and asked what my options were. Could I simply exchange it upon next availability of black, or would I have to return it and then suffer my way through line again?  The former was thankfully the answer I received, but we’ll see how it plays out……….By the way the full erase on the new 2.0 firmware must be the real deal as it is took every bit of the 2 hours it warned me it would take when I hesitatingly touched the confirmation button.  
A follow up back for black post is I pray imminent….

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