After not even a day with the device, I had already decided it was not an iPhone 3G replacement (despite the iPhone’s continued post 2.01 software update sluggishness). I figured out how to hard reset it, reboxed it and even posted it on craigslist. Boy Geniuses report (damn I love me some BGR) yesterday about reception problems on many production units seemed to confirm my decision, except I saw nothing but a good 3G signal with it all around Atlanta on Saturday. GPS lock wasn’t real quick but it was tolerable, and Exchange Activesync seemed to work as flawlessly as it does on WM and iPhone 2.0+. The VPN software isn’t nearly as straightforward as it needs to be and Symbian as a whole though surely quite capable, is not mind blowing, and certainly not pretty. But the hardware of this device, the thin, narrow, sexy hardware of this device has been calling for me to come pull it back out of the box, and that I did just moments ago.  She’ll get some SIM time tomorrow for sure!

The E71 hardware is utterly perfect; the software not so much, but neither is the iPhone’s right now.  For your viewing pleasure, here they are sniffing each other like dogs, and do take note of the cell signals from the same exact spot in my place: