Thinking of Going Pro

October 19, 2008

The Treo Pro, especially at $475 via Dell is especially tempting right now, but no more so than purchasing the HTC Touch Pro when it’s soon released on AT&T as the “Fuze”. I might let my wife inherit her second iPhone (this time 3G) and see if AT&T will let me use her upgrade to get the Fuze subsidized. She loves the iPhone experience and she’s rather tough on phones, so she would be more comfortable getting a used one instead of a new one (I think anyway). However, I hate the idea of stealing her ugrade and will regret it if Apple makes a red one available by Black Friday like they almost certainly will.

Speaking of Cupertino, their new Macbook Pros look so svelte and industrial sleek. A Friday visit to Best Buy gave me the opportunity to play with the 13 inch variety (technically referred to as just Macbook when I think most would agree it’s really a 13 inch Pro). The build quality and thinness are everything you think they’re going to be and more, but the new buttonless trackpad was a little more unusual feeling than expected. Don’t get me wrong the pressing down to click certainly worked fine, but it would certainly take some getting used to. Ironically, it made me that much more interested in the Blackberry Storm which will use a similarly pressable screen…..alas, maybe I should just pay off the credit card and be happy with my amateur status.