Fuze lit, Diamond Touched, Panther stalks…..

November 15, 2008

I made a lunch break trip on 11/11 to my nearby AT&T store to potentially buy the newly released HTC Fuze (AT&T’s marginally acceptable name for the HTC Touch Pro).  They had plenty in stock, so I attempted to talk the store reps into letting me keep my iPhone data plan until I could decide the Fuze would either replace the iPhone or not.  Of course, that was a no go, so I somehow managed to leave the store without buying as doing so would have required purchasing a new line in order to keep my iPhone plan alive.   Fast forward a couple of hours of indecision later and I pulled the trigger on a Touch Diamond (with US 3G) offered by a local ebay vendor.  A late afternoon drive to pick it up ensued, as did a giddy unboxing in the gas station parking lot where I met the seller (super nice guy who definitely earned future money from me).  I figured I would get most of the Fuze experience from the Diamond, while I waited on the Fuze to show up in numbers on ebay and thus at a lower price, hopefully.
Two days with the Diamond though quickly lead me to realize that a physical keyboard is essential if you ever really want to answer any email (I’m looking at you too iPhone), and that night I stumbled across a coupon code offering a $100 discount on the Treo Pro.  Needless to say the credit card balance rose shortly thereafter.
I’m guessing I’ll eventually use a Fuze, but eventually return to the iPhone, though as I wait for the Treo Pro (aka the HTC Panther), I’ll keep using the Diamond to give it a true fair shake.
I’ll make a separate post about my overall impressions of the device, but for now marvel at the size of the Touch Diamond in these comparison shots:


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