December 14, 2008

The long lusted after Touch Diamond is now resting in the hands of another geek. He bought her at a ridiculously good price compared to what I paid (and my deal wasn’t too bad). Hopefully he is enjoying the device as much as I did and plans to keep it longer than my expensive 3 week rental. What he will likely experience is the joy of its size relative to the breadth of its power and if he has never used an iPhone or an iPod Touch, then TouchFlo 3D won’t frustrate him as it did me.

Meanwhile the Treo Pro having vanquished its HTC step brother is going blow for blow against the aforementioned iPhone, a knockout punch having yet been thrown. Palm really got the hardware right on this handheld and if they can make Windows Mobile even somewhat user friendly, what can they do with their own from the ground up built for their own hardware OS?