The week before last I attempted to solve a problem for a coworker on her Motorola Q9C from Verizon. In doing so I received my first extended exposure to the glorious keyboard on this device. I couldn't solve the problem (a conflict between Verizon's old “Wireless Sync” application that shipped on the original Windows Mobile 6.0 version of the Q9C and ActiveSync), and discovered the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 mecifully eradicates “Wireless Sync”. So I updated the device and got even more exposure to the keyboard and the more I compared it to the typing experience on the virtual iPhone keyboard and the cramped qwerty of the Treo Pro, the more I began to question what's most important to me in a smartphone.

A wider implementation of the Palm layout on the Treo Pro could be very nice and the forthcoming Palm Pre seems to have addressed that, but the typing experience on the iPhone is just never going to be as efficient as I would like, so thus my interim dilemma.

AT&T recently released a silver pinstriped version of the Moto Q9H and I've been following a few auctions of it on ebay. I get my hair cut within walking distance of an AT&T store and plan to make a fondling research visit after getting my shaggy “goldilocks” severed later today…..stay tuned!