Premonition Demolition

March 12, 2009

I was going to boldly predict Apple’s iPhone 3.0 announcement for next Tuesday as a Pre-emptive strike to Pre-vent Palm from controlling next week’s news cycle with a Pre-release. Except Palm somehow managed to resume sucking today with a little help of course from a company best known for sucking – Sprint.

Their invite only joint webcast apparently revealed nothing we didn’t already know and every day that passes without even knowing when it can be purchased sucks momentum away from the Pre. In fact, every day that passes makes the Pre potentially less amazing. Since the Pre’s memorable introduction at CES we’ve already seen new phones from Samsung, Nokia, and HTC that are just as compelling, and now Apple has dropped the 3.0 bomb…..>

You better hurry up if you want to maintain your rePrieve Palm!

Update: The browser is looking promising no matter when it comes out! But still hurry up Palm!


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