My mind is racing with thoughts on potential specs for a Palm tablet running WebOS. The seemingly endless speculation about what an Apple tablet might be like (including my own) has prevented me and apparently most every geek like me from speculating much about Palm possibly beating Apple to the punch on this?

What are the specs currently being thought juggled in my brain? A 5 inch OLED 800×480 OQO style qwerty slider (but thinner and with same “riverstone” feel as the Pre) WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth (3.0?), 3.5 mm headset jack, and 8-12 hours of battery life. Since WebOS apparently scales to different resolutions without any effort on the part of developers to accommodate the change, all currently developed apps for the Pre would immediately work on this tablet?
John Rubenstein is speaking at next week’s “All Things D” conference where just 2 years ago (it seems like so much longer) a doomed product named the Folio was introduced. Shortly thereafter Palm began quickly making its descent towards bottom, eventually canceling the Folio to better focus on the development of their next mobile OS. Though it’s extremely unlikely Rubenstein will do anything other than hype the soon to be preorderable Pre, it would make for some serious poetic justice if the spiritual successor to the Folio were revealed too…..

A 3.5 mm headset jack has become a requirement on a phone before I’ll buy it now. I made an exception with the Nokia E71x, and this is the consequence:

This is the Nokia manufactured 2.5-3.5 headset adapter, and unfortunately it is just as large for real as it appears in pictures. How well does it work? Doesn’t like my wife’s iPhone earbuds, and I literally don’t own another set of wired headphones with which to test it. With the iPhone earbuds it initially routes audio correctly, then starts angrily clicking, then simply goes silent.
I do have a Monster 3.5 mm cassette adapter in my car, and fittingly it does seem to get along with it…..
In July if last year I purchased an unlocked Nokia E71 because I simply couldn’t avoid it. It was too nice a piece of hardware for me not to handle even if I knew it would only be temporary. It was and I sold it a month or so later but it wasn’t without some indecision.
So when AT&T recently starting selling the

ir own all black variant of it (E71x), suddenly AT&T stores starting emitting SWAN stationesque electromagnetism towards my car. I managed to avoid putting myself through the misery of an AT&T retail experience and instead purchased it tax free from Amazon (with a $25 gift card from my favorite sister – you know who you are) at the ridiculous “for the value you’re getting” price of $275.

This device isn’t any less sexy than it was a year ago and in all black it looks even better (despite the AT&T logo).

I’ve used it for a few days now and thankfully the access point annoyance as well as purple tinted camera issues that plagued the E71 have been solved by the E71x – in exchange for some inexplicable software limitations imposed by AT&T (seriously, why the H did you limit the homescreen customization Symbian makes possible by default ?)

Bottom line is this device is freaking 10mm thin, 127g, it has a great keyboard, a metal battery cover that makes it feel that much sleeker than it already does, 3G, WiFi, Exchange support, a great web browser (plus runs Opera Mini like it’s a native app), and streams audio over Bluetooth the minute your headset is connected.

How good is it? My Treo Pro has been vanquished to the auction jungle known as eBay – that’s how good.