Select * From Nokia OEM where E=3.5 and M=’Monstrosity’

May 23, 2009

A 3.5 mm headset jack has become a requirement on a phone before I’ll buy it now. I made an exception with the Nokia E71x, and this is the consequence:

This is the Nokia manufactured 2.5-3.5 headset adapter, and unfortunately it is just as large for real as it appears in pictures. How well does it work? Doesn’t like my wife’s iPhone earbuds, and I literally don’t own another set of wired headphones with which to test it. With the iPhone earbuds it initially routes audio correctly, then starts angrily clicking, then simply goes silent.
I do have a Monster 3.5 mm cassette adapter in my car, and fittingly it does seem to get along with it…..

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