Nokia E72 is coming!!!

June 14, 2009 recently posted and then removed this video showcasing the successor to the venerable E71/E71x (which surprisingly I am loving by the way). Good thing Intomobile grabbed it off Youtube and uploaded it to their dailymotion account – embedded below.
What an extremely good ad and I would see this playing real well to qwerty crazed Americans! No?

The metal back is back, but this time sitting above it is some bonafide 5 megapixel goodness!

This picture particularly pleases me, demonstrating how thin it remains, plus a 3.5mm headset jack!


A lucky coworker of mine (lucky in that he was already on Sprint, and using an out of contract Centro, so he had no obstacles in front of his justifying an upgrade to the Pre), let me spend 5 minutes with his Pre a moment ago and here’s my immediate reaction:

Hardware Design – one of the better looking black slabs I’ve seen to date, but a plastic fingerprint magnet for sure; the slider feels solid towards almost reassuringly stiff; the edges around the keyboard are in indeed sharp, not paper cut sharp, but that I made that relative reference seems notable

WebOS – freaking beautiful and responsive, but capacitive response from the plastic screen is not as good as the iPhone and could it be the glass and not software that makes the difference? Multi-tasking is everything I hoped it would be

Browser – faster than the iPhone at rendering pages; pinch and zoom actually is as good as in mobile Safari

Keyboard – flatter keys than the Treo Pro but more spacing and therefore it felt like an improvement which is exactly what I thought it would be when first I laid eyes on a picture of it. Any concern I had about the keyboard is now completely eradicated.