3G Microcell likes the taste of the E71x battery it seems

July 12, 2009

I’ve had another day of weird battery drain on my hardly used Symbian device with hardly any comparable drain on the iPhone 3G. I unplugged the E71x at 6a this morning fully charged and it’s made it this far through the day which would be acceptable except I’ve done nothing more than listen to an hour of podcasts, make one short call and sync mail twice. No web browsing, no gps, nothing else and with this kind of minimal usage I would normally get over 36 hours, not the 16+ I’m going to get.

That this never happened with the trial microcell unit really makes me suspicious of the new one in combination with the phone radio E71x. Could it be that somehow the 3G radio in the Nokia device is confused about how to handle the microcell connection from a power perspective (and shockingly the Apple phone radio isn’t?) How much did AT&T engineers alter the stock radio configuration (if they did?) of the E71x relative to what Nokia engineers handed them or have done with other S60 3rd edition, feature pack 2 devices…..?

Needless to say, post E71x hard reset results to come tomorrow.


3 Responses to “3G Microcell likes the taste of the E71x battery it seems”

  1. Jon Says:

    It is strange that the E71x has a power drain while an iPhone 3G does not. I suppose to definitely make sure it is nothing but the microcell, you have to just leave it on standbye for a day (do nothing else with it). And then compare it with leaving it on standby without the microcell.

    I Guess a nokia firmware update should solve the issue, especially since the iPhone 3G is not having one.

  2. George Says:

    I wonder if it involves the order of the preferred networks. Do you know what MCC/MNC the Microcell uses? If it's not the same as the regular AT&T network, perhaps it's looking for it, causing the battery drain… Just a thought…

    (I'm asking because a lot of the phones including the iPhone know the difference between the Microcell and the standard AT&T network; and the easiest way to do that is to use one of the other MNCs that AT&T owns. MNC is the Mobile Network Code – every GSM network has one.)

  3. John Says:

    @Jon, I've finally got it on standby doing nothing but connecting to the Microcell. I had data connectivity issues Monday and a late day at work yesterday. I got home at 4p today and with the e71x mostly fully charged and fresh off a power cycle we'll see how it does between now and tomorrow morning – so far essentially no power drain….

    @George thanks for the tip/idea and how would I determine which MNC the Microcell uses?

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