3G Microcell now likes the taste of the E71x battery no more than any other phone battery, like say the one in the Samsung i8910!

July 16, 2009

Having had data connectivity issues Monday and a late day at work Tuesday, yesterday through today was the first opportunity I’ve had to retest the E71x battery situation when connected to the 3G microcell. Starting from 4p yesterday through 10a this morning, I was still at 90% charge on the E71x with it having done nothing but make connectivity love to the AT&T 3G Microcell. Never left the house, synced email twice, and made one short 10 minute phone call. The 18 hour test having been passed, I started making calls, LOTS of calls, 3 hours of calls in fact, and by 11p I still had around a 20% charge left. That’s more typical of E71x battery behavior.

So what changed? Well, I didn’t hard reset the device like I’d planned but did remove the application I suspected of possibly causing the problem: Nokia Messaging beta. Just before walking in the house yesterday, I also cold booted the phone to make sure no applications were running upon connection to the microcell. And one more thing: the iPhone 3G hasn’t been in the house since yesterday morning (wife is out of town, and yes sadly all I do is run a geeky phone battery experiment).

Not to get too saucy, but I’ll tell you what has been in the house – the uber powerful 8 megapixel shooting, HD video recording, drop dead gorgeous Samsung i8910. What with its 3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen and Touch Wiz interface overlay on top of Symbian 5th Edition, I’m quite smitten with it. The call quality is absurdly good, and what a pleasant surprise to find that its 1900 HSPA band is indeed compatible with AT&T cell tower transmissions in the ATL – including the small white one in my bedroom!


3 Responses to “3G Microcell now likes the taste of the E71x battery no more than any other phone battery, like say the one in the Samsung i8910!”

  1. Jon Says:

    I wish the iPhone 3GS had a nice OLED screen like the Samsung. Wow that home screen looks nice and bright.

    Even more-so I am glad the Microcell doesnt eat batteries.

  2. John Says:

    I'm still curious to see what happens when the iPhone 3G returns home Sunday. I still have a suspicion that it's presence on the network might have something to do with the battery drain on the E71x……

  3. Marcin Says:

    This may help you track your battery usage on E71.

    Nokia Energy Profiler

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