E71x battery life connected to 3G Microcell update

July 21, 2009

Fearing that the presence of the iPhone 3G might somehow have had something to do with the previous quick battery drain whilst both it and the Nokia E71x were connected to the AT&T 3G Microcell, I took the E71x off the charger at 845a on Sunday as well as the iPhone 3G, such that they would spend the vast majority of the day both connected to the Microcell. I’ve yet to have to charge the E71x since then, and now 61+ hours later (!!!!), I still have at least 25% charge left. Including my time at home between the past two workdays, the E71x and iPhone 3G have both been connected to the Microcell for over half that time!

Again, I purposefully kept usage of the E71x to a minimum on Sunday so as to replicate the circumstances of the original unexpected power drain, and by late Sunday I was still at over 90% charge. Since picking it up Monday morning I’ve used it normally the past two days,(Exchange set to sync every 4 hours, a little podcast listening, a few phone calls, and some web browsing via Opera Mini) and this result of 61+ hours on a charge is more what you would expect from the presence of the Microcell within a charging routine on a phone with a 1500 mAH battery no?!

I think the culprit previously was in all likelihood the Nokia Messaging beta client. Because AT&T has locked down the native S60 mail app on E71x, adding accounts can be an adventure (and deleting mail accounts is impossible unless you hard reset), and I think something went awry with my installation of the beta. My guess is that it simply never closed its data connection the day after I installed the Microcell and of course took all the juice from the battery it could take. As bad as the native S60 messaging app is on the E71x, uninstalling the much nicer Nokia Messaging beta was an easy decision as it is definitely a beta version of the application as compared to the production version on the E75 I played with briefly.

Regardless, fears allayed I can also inform you the 3G Microcell is working solidly. I’ve noticed a couple of times around midnight it lost it’s 3G signal, and I haven’t stayed awake long enough to see when it regained it, but it has always been back up by the time I awaken. My sim card will now find a home full time in the Samsung Omnia i8910 and hopefully I’ll have similar battery life results to report on it a few days from now (though I very much doubt it).

Update to the update: Make that 71 hours (appropriately) now on a single charge for the E71x. In the 10 hours that passed since I made this post, I listened to over 30 minutes of a podcast, and browsed for about an hour all on Microcell served connectivity.


2 Responses to “E71x battery life connected to 3G Microcell update”

  1. Jon Says:

    This is great news all around. I cant wait for it to be available to the general public. Rumors on other sites state the cost of the unit will be 300 bucks…I will gladly pay that to use my cell phone in my house.

  2. John Says:

    $300 would hurt but I would probably pay it at this point, it seems to work so solidly.

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