AT&T Apologist makes no mention of 3G Microcell during mea culpa

September 4, 2009

So AT&T “blogger guy” Seth why discuss all the strain smartphone data usage puts on your network, then mention all the current and future network infrastructure improvements you’re making, and NOT mention, even if just briefly, the eventual availability of 3G Microcells and the network improvements they will surely bring?!

I think the most likely announcement of their availability will now likely be at the CTIA fall convention Oct 7-9 In the meantime here’s what Seth said instead of what he could have said…..


2 Responses to “AT&T Apologist makes no mention of 3G Microcell during mea culpa”

  1. Jon Says:

    The video at first made me happy that ATT is finally admitting it's issues, but then made me angry that they simply think they can blame user data increases as the reason why. ATT sold us the phones and forced us to buy data packages. And it's the customers fault?

    I think the 3g microcell marketing trial (on sale in select cities) might be sooner rather than later. The ATT website now has the 3g microcell under their wireless features/support page (just a place holder though). And on the Macrumors forum a person was told that att employees in Charlotte, NC (where some of the testers were) are now being trained on the 3g microcell.

    My predicition. Limited select city sales in October. National release in December.

  2. John Says:

    You have to be impressed with Google advertising when this is the ad I could click on within the gmail email that notified me of Jon's (probably prescient) comment:

    For those who don't care to follow the link, it's a training class being held week after next for IP/Ethernet backhaul planning in support of 3G/4G cellular network deployments.

    Let's hope some AT&T network engineers will be present…….

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