Nokia N900 has T-Mobile 3G but available for preorder only from Nokia

September 6, 2009

I made this comment on a post at Nokia Experts about the new Nokia N900 already being available for preorder from NokiaUSA:

“I think it’s potentially big news that Nokia ISN’T apparently launching this in the US through T-Mobile. Why would they sale it unlocked themselves or announce that they will, if they had an agreement in place with T-Mobile? So then the question is did they have a deal such that they included the 1700 band radio and then the deal fell through? Or because they seem to finally be making in roads with AT&T, do they intend to save all smartphone versions with 850/1900 band support for that budding relationship (and Rogers)? And all unlocked versions will get 1700? It seems quite strange to me we haven’t seen an unlocked NAM E55 (with 850/1900) offically confirmed/announced yet? And is there anything official yet on the E72 definitely having 850/1900 at some point?”

I was hoping Nokia Expert Matt Miller would respond with either his own questions or a comforting dismissal of mine, but he hasn’t as of yet. It seems the iPhone scares away all potential competing platforms where AT&T is concerned, and I’m not sure I shouldn’t be getting truly frightened by this……come on Verizon, do AT&T a favor and give Apple an offer they can’t refuse would you?!

Nokia has never made an unlocked 3G smartphone for North America without AT&T/Rogers 3G bands and here’s why I care so much…….


One Response to “Nokia N900 has T-Mobile 3G but available for preorder only from Nokia”

  1. Jon Says:

    The N900 does look like a very sweet Nokia phone. It even has the potential of being an iphone competitor. Unfortunately at an unsubsidized price (i.e. sold direct through Nokia) it has no chance of being popular in the US.

    Oh, and Verizon officially has the worst smartphones. Heck even sprint has the palm pre and soon to be htc android hero.

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