The Story Apple Could Tell Tomorrow

September 7, 2009

If you have ever read or listened to any of the standard conjecture on why Apple will never release the mythical “iTablet”, it usually involves some explanation around Apple, or really Steve Jobs needing to tell a marketing story with a device or a line of devices. And this line of thinking never has room for a device in the middle: in between the iPhone and the Macbook.

Many who claim a tablet is coming point to a rather sketchy report on Apple gobbling up a bunch of 10 inch screens in March. Gizmodo then went even further last week and claimed they had a source confirming not only 10 inch screens, but 13 and 15 too?

Screens sizes like this would portend a “Macbook Touch” running Snow Leopard with it’s arguably more touch friendly OS elements. That story isn’t convincing and compelling to me though, and the story that makes more sense is the one we’ve already been halfway expecting, where the iPhone OS gets extended to greater hardware. In fact what we’ve been expecting, (really since Jobs claimed the iPhone was running MacOSX) is a version of the OS that is closer to full Macintosh, but looks more like the iPhone experience.

So what would the physical footprint of such a device be? Have we all forgotten the concept device Intel trotted out a couple of years ago at one of their events? You know the sleek, elongated Atom (Menlow) driven iPhoneesque mystery you immediately wanted to solve. Here it is again to refresh your memory:

The “iTablet” need not even be this long, but certainly the things we (geeks) would all want are addressed by a larger iPod Touch such as this:

  • larger screen with higher resolution
  • desktop powerful processing
  • plenty of physical space for a larger battery, more radios, flash memory, etc.
Some other examples of what the “iTablet” might be can be found here and here, with the latter being a report of it’s availability this month, as in therefore being announced at tomorrow’s scheduled Apple event.
A story that only involves the check box ticking the announcement of just another iPod Touch (now surely with camera and video capabilities) would be, seems unworthy of an Apple event? I think there’s “one more thing”, and I think it’s going to be Steve Jobs revealing to us the 2nd chapter in the story of the future of mobile computing.

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