Blackberry Bold versus HTC Hero: Pregame

November 29, 2009

bb-bold-9700-pressHTC Hero 

Tomorrow I will finally get my hot little hands on the Hero and more importantly my grubby not little fingers on the much heralded Sense UI.  But wait there’s more: also sitting in a FedEx sorting facility waiting to be delivered to me is a new Blackberry Bold 9700 (ordered appropriately enough on Black Friday).  All the mathematical comparisons I made in my head weren’t adequate in helping decide for one or the other, so hands on it must be.

Here are the rules I will abide by:  Each device will get enough time if not equal time.  In fact, the device that seems to win the ball control battle this week is indeed the phone that will win.  However, I will apply the same scoring during quotidian usage as I have in the fantasy lead up, and it goes a little something like this:

Device Totals sans Price Totals Design Sleekness Build Keyboard Screen Overall UX Browser Media Email Price Rank Rank sans price Value for Money
Droid 68 61.8 10 8 9 5 8 7 8 5 8 -6.2 3 3 6
Hero 69 62.5 8 8 9 4 8 9 8 5 10 -6.5 2 2 4
Bold 9700 66 61.24 9 7 10 10 5 7 5 5 8 -4.76 4 4 8
E71x 57 54 10 10 10 7 0 5 5 5 5 -3 5 5 10
iPhone 3G 75 72.8 10 8 10 4 8 9 9 10 7 -2.2 1 1 2

These are devices I currently or recently owned (plus of course, those I will imminently own)And to explain the method to my madness a bit, hardware is definitely more important to me than software, and I have weighted price similarly to all other categories by dividing the actual price by 10.  The Droid price is inclusive of the extra $40 a month I would have been paying to keep it, plus the early term fee I would have paid to AT&T to break my contract. 

The Hero would appear to have the edge going in, and that would seem to confirm what I would expect to happen this next week, but every time I look at a picture of the Bold 9700, I feel myself leaning closer towards chrome and qwerty. 

It’s RIM versus HTC.  It’s Blackberry versus Android.  It’s Bold versus Hero (and ironically trackpad versus trackball). It’s on!


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