Blackberry Bold versus HTC Hero: 4th Quarter Begins

December 10, 2009

bb-bold-9700-press HTC Hero

More than one week later I’m more torn than I expected to be.  Time of possession has been roughly equal between the two devices and I’m guessing the score is essentially tied, but let’s do some math to make sure:

Design – I give a slight edge to the Hero

Sleekness – again slight edge to the Hero

Build – The Bold unfortunately doesn’t feel quite as solid, or have the same heft as the Hero, and the Hero’s supposed fingerprint resistant Teflon coating and oleophobic screen is for real.  In fact it seems as though it’s also pocket lint resistant and the Bold most certainly isn’t.

Keyboard – Big win for the Bold

Screen – Because of real estate and a capacitive interface I certainly give the Hero the edge, but not by as much as you would expect.  In fact the Bold 9700 actually has a higher resolution, and does look fantastic.

Overall User Experience – Sense UI on top of Android on the Hero is truly a thing of beauty and ease, but also of lag, extreme lag the more you try to multi task.  Surprisingly I’ve also seen some lag on the Bold 9700, but enough to be annoyed and only with one particular application. Otherwise multitasking on the Bold is snappy as can be, and the sprucing up of the icons along with the buttery smoothness of the new trackpad gives the slight edge here to the Bold 97.

Browser – Hero hands down

Media – even

Email – Dealing with email is simply easier because of the keyboard on the Bold 97, but I’m not saying it isn’t easy on the Hero.  It is, and the Gmail integration is perfect, but still slight edge Bold.

Price – had to add $20 more to the price of the Hero to unlock it and by the way, my customer experience with the unlocking provider mobileincanada was stellar: maybe 3 minutes after I made the PayPal payment, I had an unlock code for my Hero’s IMEI

Device Totals sans Price Totals Design Sleekness Build Keyboard Screen Overall UX Browser Media Email Price
Droid 68 61.8 10 8 9 5 8 7 8 5 8 -6.2
Hero 67 60.3 9 8 9 4 8 7 9 5 8 -6.7
Bold 9700 65 60.24 8 7 7 10 6 8 5 5 9 -4.76
E71x 57 54 10 10 10 7 0 5 5 5 5 -3
iPhone 3G 75 72.8 10 8 10 4 8 9 9 10 7 -2.2

Extra Credit: Camera – The Bold camera is pleasantly surprisingly good, especially when in need of flash.  OS lag on the Hero prevents me from even wanting to use the camera on the Hero, not to mention the lack of flash.

So there you have it – a tie essentially, and I have been alternating devices each day this week to break it…….unsuccessfully so far


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