Blackberry Bold versus HTC Hero: Tie Breaker Needed

December 13, 2009

I'm so ridiculously torn between these two fundamentally different devices, I've actually seriously considered using their television commercials as a tie breaker. The recent HTC commercials I've seen with the tag line: “You don't need to get a phone, you need a phone that gets you, and, you, and you”, where in cadence to the extra “and you”s you see an animated swiping of the word “You” across an HTC Hero's (for sprint) screen – very classy and compelling in my opinion. RIM on the other hand has literally permeated my television viewing experience this fall with their random characters striving for personal excellence feel good “All you need is love” campaign. If these adds did't end with Blackberry branding I would swear they were supposed to have been McDonalds commercials? So annoying in general (terribly whiny cover effort of Beatles classic)and annoying specifically in their disconnectness to what Blackberry's are about, I soon became incapable of restraining my silent visceral disdain when I saw one of these commercials. Is this seriously the best ad campaign RIM could come up with?

So I guess it's obvious which phone wins the tiebreaker, except for one thing: I would not have even considered typing this post from the Hero, and I just finished it from the Bold 9700…….


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