AT&T at CES: The Ultimate Fail

January 10, 2010

Jkontherun, among others has blogged about his horrible AT&T 3G experience in Las Vegas during CES. James said:

“I found the iPhone virtually useless for calls and data coverage from day one. AT&T can say what they want about its data coverage, I am continually finding it to be poor during my road trips, and this one was as bad as ever.”

He went on to say:

“There is absolutely no question in my mind that the AT&T network cannot handle saturation during an event like the CES. The Sprint network rarely faltered during the week. I don’t know why, given its horrible reputation, AT&T wouldn’t beef up coverage for an event like this. Let’s face it, if they can’t provide service to a gathering of technology journalists who cover such things, they have a real problem.”

I vociferously seconded that emotion in the post comments with this diatribe:

“If AT&T can’t or won’t seemingly do anything to get out in front of the CES network saturation that was surely expected, then are they being lead competently? Instead of absolutely blanketing downtown LV with temporary cells to avoid further PR embarrassment by literally ALL the tech opinion makers in town, or better yet planning to spend the capital necessary to permanently blanket downtown LV with 7.2 mpbs coverage and maybe making that the center of their CES presentation with an emphasis on “we hear you and this is one example of how we’re taking aggressive action to meet your data demands”, they trumpet some nonsense about how developers are going to come build crapware for their feature phones, now on a unified BREW mobile platform – as opposed to developing for the iPhone that is surely now going to another network……Hard to imagine that Verizon could have regained the upper hand with Apple, but AT&T is now hurting Apple enough that big V’s execs must be licking their chops at the negotiating table.”

In fact to take the competency question a little further, have they forgotten to roll out the 3G Microcell? I’ve had a retail unit since July and it works brilliantly! As far as I know, you can only buy one here in Atlanta and in some North Carolina markets. At a minimum they could have finally done a full scale national launch of this device at CES and shocked the world by announcing they would charge a nominal token amount for it, like 9.99, so as to guarantee it getting multiple mentions in blogosphere coverage of CES?!

The more I think about it the more convinced I become that Apple, whether they announce a tablet device later this month or not, most definitely will be announcing a new iPhone, on a new network.


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