Why would I make such a seemingly stupid claim you ask?  How many first weekend sales of an iPad 2 design inspired iPhone 5 would there have been? (regardless of whether it has 4G) Now subtract from that number  the record 4 million iPhone 4Ss Apple sold and that’s how much money/mindshare Apple left on the table.  A hefty percentage of that money/mindshare will likely flow to Samsung (and their channel partners) when they release whatever superphone they’re going to announce tonight with Google, and at least some of it will flow to Motorola/Verizon when they start selling the super thin LTE capable DROID RAZR next month.

Apple could have delivered a severe body blow to Android and a potential death blow to Blackberry, Windows Phone, and WebOS (okay probably already dead, but I can’t let go yet) and they refrained.  I imagine there were very sound reasons they did not go to market with the iPhone 5, but I can promise you Microsoft, Nokia, HP, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and Google are more than grateful only 4 milion iPhone 4Ss were sold this past weekend….



Hindsight assisted blogosphere banter mocking those of us who consider the iPhone 4S short of what the 5th iPhone should have been is getting tiresome, quickly.  Pre-order records be damned, I think there a handful of reasons why the success of this iPhone release won’t resonate as long as the “I told you so” chorus would have us believe:

1. 3.5 inches of screen real estate once felt best in class.  It no longer does and without post zoom text reflow in the browser it borderline sucks.

2. Siri seems promising, but so did Facetime.

3.  The A5 dual core processor will likely make much more of a difference on the 4s than dual core processors are making or will make on current and future Android devices, but it’s still a table stakes spec at this point?

4. We saw this design 2 months before it was released in June of LAST YEAR!  It’s still beautiful, but in smartphone years it’s gaining wrinkles, rapidly.

5.  9.3 mm no longer feels as thin as it once did, especially relative to the iPad 2 at 8.8 mm, and I know I’m not alone when I confess to desperately wanting a 5th iPhone that closely approximated the thinness and design of the iPad 2.