If all Google intends to reveal at their developer’s conference next week is a 7 inch Kindle competitor why didn’t Microsoft just wait to reveal their Surface tablet until next month – or even closer to the launch of Windows 8 in the fall?

If there is one consistency in the reaction to last night’s Microsoft event it’s that Android tablets better get worlds better or risk becoming more irrelevant than they already are (which is still pretty baffling to me given how successful a phone platform it has been).

I contend MSFT must have gotten spooked by some piece of intelligence that caused them to hastily schedule last nigth’s Surface event. By all accounts the latest iteration of Chrome OS is a step change compared to where it started, and what if Google intends to abandon Android as a tablet OS, planning to go all in on Chrome OS instead?

I’m still not sure why this would have scared Microsoft into getting ahead of Google’s tablet strategy reveal, but it’s the only reason that even remotely makes sense given Microsoft’s seeming inability to provide firmer details on the price and ship date for the Surface……

Or maybe Google has a post PC device that is much better than we’re expecting planned for a reveal next week, and MSFT discovered that it will be ready to ship shortly thereafter?