After charging on the evening of Saturday 10/14 and using the headset somewhat infrequently since (because I just don’t make or receive that many calls in a typical day), Blue D finally ran out of juice at around 8a this morning. Quite impressive battery performance huh?!


JX10 Battery Update

October 14, 2006

This extremely satisifying bluetooth headset lasted from Sunday night through this afternoon with moderate to heavy use (for me anyway). Because I had to do a couple of hard resets on the treo 700wx during the week (related to ActiveSync issues I will post on next week), I can’t look in the call log to tally exactly what the talk time was but it had to be close to 4 hours and to get through an entire week without recahrge is just outstanding as I see it. As promised here is the picture of the almost pocketable carrying case.
I guess it’s meant more for a gear bag but, it isn’t padded and though I’m sure it would prevent scratching, I’m not sure Blue D’s ear hook couldn’t easily get a little bent (which already happened during a stint in my pocket apparently)

JX10 is a 10

October 10, 2006

Imagine 20th century Bo Derek as a mistress to 10th century Danish King Harald Bluetooth, and then imagine they had a secret offspring. This is at least what I imagine when gazing upon my newset toy: the sleek, sexy Jabra JX10 bluetooth headset.

(sorry, the Treo 700wx camera really sucks in poor lighting)

I have to agree for the most part with the resoundingly positive MobileBurn review of this headset. The sound quality has been very good though not excellent for me and it seems to be an issue related to either my signal quality or the quality of the phone the person I’m talking to has. For instance when talking to a family member who was on their infamously poor cordless landline phone, the volume was too low (and my Sprint signal was at the time great), but literally a moment later when talking to a colleague calling from one of our office land lines, the quality was superb (and I was driving in morning rush hour on an interstate highway). During my call to Sprint CS to resolve the residual Katana Konfusion, my signal was poor (as it typically is at my house) and the audio was tolerable but certainly not terrific. I have received no complaints about my sound quality though, and through 5 days of use now, the overall sound quality, both received and given on the bluetooth version 1.2 JX10 is much better than the bluetooth version 1.1 Bluespoon Ax I had been using.

The big question in my mind starting with usage of the device last Wednesday, was how would it feel/fit compared to the excellent inner ear fit of the Bluespoon Ax? I had my doubts after day one, not having ever used an outer ear loop, but as the days have passed, I’m actually beggining to prefer the way it feels over the Ax, and the looks of the device compared to the Ax or any other bluetooth headset in my opinion are superior. I still look like a dork when I walk around with it in my ear but at least I look like a stylish dork sporting this Jacob Jensen designed headset (clearly no one at Jabra designed this thing relative to the hideous styling of their other headsets however functional they are)

Battery performance you ask? I was extrememly pleased and surprised to find that after the intial charge last Wednesday evening, the device kept it’s charge through at least Sunday evening, and that was with heavy experimental/can’t keep my hands/ears off my new toy kind of use, which included listening to the 45 minute Cellphonejunkie podcast #18 (on the 6700 not the 700wx, dammit). In fact, in anticipation of my call to Sprint CS Sunday night to resolve the Katana Konfusion (are you sick of that stupid attempt to be clever spelling yet?), I charged it before it was depleted, so I’m not sure how low the battery really was? I used it through the entire 30 minute call to Sprint Sunday night coming off a full charge, and haven’t charged it again through the time of this post, having used it somewhat frequently yesterday, but none so far today. I will actually let it compelety deplete this time and post an update as to when the next charge was required.

Speaking of charging, one of the nice touches is the number of options you have for rejuicing this beauty. With the Ax, you only get a USB to reduced size mini-usb cable. So, unless you have a computer with juice you are unable to charge it. Not the most convienent solution at times, especially for non-geeks (although I would propose that use of a bluetooth headset would imply that you are somewhat geeky). With the JX10, you get that kind of USB cable but you also get a a normal wall outlet AC charger and you get a very nice style matching cradle to which you can connect either the USB cable or the AC charger.

(like I said, the Treo 700wx camera really sucks in poor lighting)

There is also included in the box a nice looking though unfortunately not pocketable black carrying case for the headset and I’ll post a picture of in the forthcoming battery life update.

Needless to say, the JX10 is a keeper and the Bluespoon Ax has for now been retired. My wife, deaf in on ear, has no desire to wear a bluetooth headset, so I may hold on to the Ax for nostalgia, or pass it on to a family member (or whomever posts a desire for it in the comments). The Jabra JX10 looks great, feels/fits much better than expected and, performs like you would a imagine a voluptous half naked woman in great shape running on the beach would perform (those of you old enough to know the movie scene I’m referencing, know the movie scene I’m referencing).

Shall her nickname heretofore, therefore be Blue Derek?! Because on a scale of 1-10, she is in fact a 10.

v for A2DP

September 14, 2006

Jason Landridge has posted a sterling review of the Treo 750v he’s been using the past two months. Other than the slimmer form factor and miniSD on the right side of the device, the other difference between this and previous Treos we didn’t already know is the presence of the stereo bluetooth profile (dammit). So why the exclusion of this feature on the just last week released 700wx occurred is baffling and maddening. Surely hacking, ala what occurred with the Wizard devices earlier this year relative to A2DP is imminent (one would hope). A vendetta for registry recklessness is bubbling up within me…..