In July if last year I purchased an unlocked Nokia E71 because I simply couldn’t avoid it. It was too nice a piece of hardware for me not to handle even if I knew it would only be temporary. It was and I sold it a month or so later but it wasn’t without some indecision.
So when AT&T recently starting selling the

ir own all black variant of it (E71x), suddenly AT&T stores starting emitting SWAN stationesque electromagnetism towards my car. I managed to avoid putting myself through the misery of an AT&T retail experience and instead purchased it tax free from Amazon (with a $25 gift card from my favorite sister – you know who you are) at the ridiculous “for the value you’re getting” price of $275.

This device isn’t any less sexy than it was a year ago and in all black it looks even better (despite the AT&T logo).

I’ve used it for a few days now and thankfully the access point annoyance as well as purple tinted camera issues that plagued the E71 have been solved by the E71x – in exchange for some inexplicable software limitations imposed by AT&T (seriously, why the H did you limit the homescreen customization Symbian makes possible by default ?)

Bottom line is this device is freaking 10mm thin, 127g, it has a great keyboard, a metal battery cover that makes it feel that much sleeker than it already does, 3G, WiFi, Exchange support, a great web browser (plus runs Opera Mini like it’s a native app), and streams audio over Bluetooth the minute your headset is connected.

How good is it? My Treo Pro has been vanquished to the auction jungle known as eBay – that’s how good.