Dell has priced even the most impulsive mobile tech junkies out of their league on this new tablet and effectively killed it off as a platform consequently. finally ponied up the cash for a unit (because Dell wouldn’t send the best tablet PC site on the web a gosh damn review unit) and have given it premier coverage lately, and all things considered it is I think the best tablet PC experience available for now, but what about the enterprise?  I know my IT infrastructure manager isn’t even thinking about sniffing these, and until the tablet capability is just an extra feature on a laptop that all Dell shops would buy anyway, it ain’t happening.  Which means it ain’t happening, and the Gates dream of it happening was ironically, a noble but “crazy one”……Regardless for those of who will continue to make up this niche market, will somebody please make a freaking thin 7- 8.9 inch slate tablet with capacitive touch and sell it for just under a grand to put me out of my misery (I’m looking at you Mr. Fujitsu)……..(because I’m too afraid to stare down Mr. Jobs)


Oh Dell Whatever Nevermind

December 11, 2007

2500 freaking dollars for their newly released XT Tablet.  Engadget’s hands on with the device makes the new  capacitive touch/active digitizer screen experience sound like it’s butter, but the premium for that butter is much more than anyone even thought about guessing.   Am I feeling stupid and contagious though? I think you know the answer…….